6 Skin-Care Trends That Will Dominate 2023

The global skincare market is expected to reach sales of over $207 billion by 2028. With such growth, it’s no surprise that there are bigger and better treatments, products, tools, and innovations to come in this sector. In this article, we’ll take a look at the top 10 skin-care trends that will dominate 2023.


Sculpted Skin

A new wave of treatments promises to deliver the sculpted skin that dreams are made of. EmFace combines radiofrequency with high-intensity electric fields to boost collagen and elastin, firm the skin, and ultimately boost the face’s underlying muscle structure for a more sculpted appearance. Needle-free and with no downtime, it’s the key to warding off sagging.

In-demand aesthetic doctor Dr. Sophie Shotter will launch her Advanced Collagen Remodelling Tweakment, a series of treatments that begins with the use of Allergan’s new hybrid injectable, HArmonyCa, to restore facial volume while promoting the natural production of skin collagen. The second treatment, performed a month later, uses Volite, an injectable hyaluronic acid, to boost hydration and texture. You’ll also be sent home with an ingestible collagen supplement and retinoid cream to boost collagen from the inside out.

At 111 Harley Street, a high-performance radiofrequency and microneedling system called Potenza is set to resurface, lift and tighten skin—expect around one to two days of redness post-treatment.


Skin-Deep Health

There is no such thing as optimal skin health without a balanced lifestyle—deep down, we all know that. But according to The Future Laboratory, we’re increasingly opting to incorporate “science-led beauty formulas and tools that are designed to have direct health benefits”.

Whether it’s lymphatic skincare, which topically activates the body’s lymphatic system or the TheraFace Pro device which harnesses the powers of percussive therapy to reduce stress-induced facial tension and ease migraines (as well as cleanse the skin), the products we’ll be lusting after go much deeper than simply skin health—they’re also excellent for our overall wellbeing.


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More Holistic Treatments

Facials are no longer simply about boosting the appearance of the skin. Andrea Pfeffer, who founded London’s ultra-popular Pfeffer Sal clinic has just launched her new venture Salon C. Stellar. Yes, your skin will glow but so will your soul thanks to its offering of breath work astrology and nutritional therapy alongside pack-a-punch facials: “Treatments need to be more than just one dimensional,” she says.


Nurturing Skincare Products

The upcoming skincare trend of 2023 is all about using less aggressive and more nurturing skincare products and ingredients and aligning more toward skin barrier health. This year reduce the complexity of your skincare routine and avoid using heavy products that may be feckless at times. Instead show your skin some kindness.


At-Home Skincare Devices

At-home skincare devices that multitask like a Dyson Airwrap are on the rise. These devices offer convenience and cost-effectiveness while delivering professional results.


Key Ingredients

Ceramides and niacinamides are two ingredients that are expected to take center stage in 2023. “I think we will continue to see ceramides and niacinamides become increasingly popular,” says Dendy Engelman MD a board-certified cosmetic dermatologist and Mohs surgeon.